Advertising- Ainsley Wolf

Updates all social media with upcoming movies and events, 
Updates movie information for the local TV station, 
and sends upcoming movie information to the Oakley Graphic and email list

Bills and invoices - Jada Renner

Picks up weekly mail, creates purchase orders for any bills,
 creates an invoice for prior weeks sponsor, 
creates deposit for payments and takes to bank

Website and Marquee- Lexi Shellito

updates Palace website with upcoming movies and announcements,
 updates marquee with new movie, sponsor and times

Checking / Payroll- Shianna Selzer

May be an image of 1 person, hair and outerwear

updates payroll register and employee earning records for weekend managers,
 writes checks for bills, submits FICA taxes by the end of the month

Accounting/ Moneybox- Tyler Schoenberger

Counts money in the money box, records weekly transactions, 
closes out books for the month

Sponsors/Preshow- Dane Scheetz

calls businesses for sponsors each week, 
updates presentation for that week's movie,
 receives and handles bills from sponsors

Scan Cards- Aliya Holzmeister

updates weekly scan cards in excel, 
processes checks for scan card additions 
and mails negative balance reminders each month

Statements/Balance sheets/ Income statements- Alyssa Huffman

completes weekly percentage settlement and places information in Rentrak,
 creates weekly movie statements and puts the concession report into a spreadsheet

Posters/ Answering Machine/ Paperwork/ Scholarship Money- Eric Annis

In charge of putting posters up outside the theatre,
 changing the answering machine for the week's movie, and handling scholarship money

Movie Playlist/ Trailers- John Stoecker

sets out this weeks movie hard drive for pickup, uploads the movie,
 and creates a playlist of trailers for the week's movies

Ordering/ Restocking- Jarrett Sporer

restocks all of concessions, upstairs inventory and supplies,
 and is in charge of ordering items needed for the theatre